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Rumours is being spread against AADHAR - UIDAI

Kingsmanpost 2018-08-06 21:38:16

Between the ongoing debate on the confidentiality of the base, UIDAI said that some mischievous elements are trying to spoil the image. The Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) said that some selfish elements have tried to mislead a mistake of Google and try to spread the image of the base and spread fear among the people. Authorities say that the information of that phone can not be stolen by the number entered in the contact list of any phone.

Authorization today said that the mistake of Google's (Authority) old helpline number 18003001947 came to the contact list of many mobile phone users. Rumors have tried to spoilthe image of the base over the same .

The Authority said in the statement that it "condemns" efforts of such vested interests, who have made a mistake of Google to spread rumors against the misuse of the ground.

The Authority has said that no phone call information can be stolen from the helpline number in the contact list. Therefore, there should be no fear of erasing this number because there is no harm to it. If people want, then they can replace the UIIDi's new helpline number 1947.

Significantly, a Twitter user who claims to be Cyber ​​Security expert of France has given birth to this rumor by tweeting last week. In this tweet, he had said in the tweet that the customers of different mobile phone companies, who have an Aadhar card or who have not even used the Aadhaar app, also have their helpline number in their contact list. Why is it recorded without informing?

After this , the rumors started to run on the basis of social media , due to which the government came into action and Google had to give its statement by issuing the statement.