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Secret election in A.M.M.A on reinstatement of Dileep

Matrubhumi 2018-08-09 10:23:00

Kochi: A.M.M.A will conduct a secret election as part of a special general body meeting to take a decision on the reinstatement of Dileep into the association. The decision was taken by the executive committee after the discussion held with its women members.

Leaders of A.M.M.A had conducted a discussion with Revathy, Padmapriya and Parvathy on Tuesday. They requested to suspend Dileep. Though the association said that Dileep was not part of A.M.M.A, there is lack of clarity. The report submitted at a previous general body meeting had mentioned that the decision regarding removal of Dileep is kept pending.

Mukesh had argued that Dileep is just an alleged accused in the case. But, Padmapriya strongly disagreed with his statement. She said that Dileep was the accused. She explained the things they have discussed with the legal experts. She also detailed the legal aspects of the case.

The demand for election arose afterwards. President Mohanlal said that an election could be held in the next general body meeting. But, Joy Mathew was against this decision. He said that public election will lead to reluctance from part of the members and there are also chances for threats. Finally, Mohanlal instructed for a secret ballot.

Discussion about Mathrubhumi news

A.M.M.A executive committee meeting also discussed the news Mathrubhumi had given on hiding of the letter demanding a woman judge in the actress attack case and Mohanlal’s resignation threat. Mohanlal inquired how matters had gone public. He repeated that he would like to do a lot of things for the association and any attempts to hinder it or separate the association will compel him to resign. But, A.M.M.A wasn’t ready to accept the genuineness of the report.

Attempt for media ban

A group in the association was against meeting the media after the executive committee meeting. Joint secretary Siddique and vice president Mukesh took this stand. But, Mohanlal didn’t support their decision. He said they had nothing to conceal from the media. The entry for media was banned during the yearly general body meeting the previous year. The press conference in the year prior to that too had led to controversies.