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Android 9 Pie brings 157 new emojis including a few tweaked ones

Mobile Scout 2018-08-09 00:00:00

Google has packed its newest Android version Android 9 Pie with a lot of new features and improvements which make it a worthy upgrade. But those features are not the only new additions as Google has also added a total of 157 new emojis. These new emojis are the ones which are a part of Emoji 11.0.

Some of these new emojis include a smiling face with three hearts, woozy face, hot face, cold face, pleading face, and partying face. Other new additions of emojis include people with Red hair, curly hair, silver hair, and even bald people. It further offers Superhero and Supervillain emojis (both male and female versions) along with newly introduced family/couple emojis to include other sexual orientations.

There are 11 new animal emojis including the likes of lobster, hippopotamus, mosquito, and peacock. Similarly, there are six new foodstuff emojis including cupcake, mango, donut, cake, and common salt. Other additions include body part and household item emojis like teeth, DNA strand, safety pin, sandal, shoes, toilet paper, and sponge.

Apart from the new ones, Google has tweaked a few of the existing ones in terms of design changes. Some of the tweaked ones include hugging face, upside-down face, face with the raised eyebrow, sleepy face, wider grin, lying face, and face screaming in fear.