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School Conclave-2018 commences with skilled performances by kids

Greater Kashmir 2018-08-10 01:11:00

From demonstrating their small innovations to scientific projects to art music, and culture shows, students of various schools presented a number of performances at Lackchaar (childhood), School Conclave – 2018 held at Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute, Malabagh. 

Students as young as six year olds demonstrated their skills and interests in different categories at the school conclave.

Students presented Na’at, Qawali, songs, Rouf (Kashmiri traditional dance), while some delivered motivational speech.

The event having participants from different private and government schools from almost every district of Kashmir, is being organised by SPACE Communications.

The three day event on Thursday is being held in the auditorium of Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute, Malabagh, Srinagar. After formal inauguration, the event started with six-year-old kids of Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute, dressed in red designed costumes, presenting welcome song.

The audience stood up to clap as a mark of respect and encouragement for the specially-abled children from ZebaAapa Institute BijbehraAnantnag (Islamabad) who performed on the stage a group item.

Outside the auditorium hall of the institute, the students were exhibiting scientific demonstrations while some of the children as young as six were showing their skills by displaying their handmade windmills, results of chemical reactions, rain harvester, modern bridges, room heaters etc.

Two girls from Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute —Ruksar Khan and AnooshJavaid — were confident in telling about their project on using wind as source of energy. 

Another duo of girls of 3rd standard ----- Noreen Nissar and HuddaMushtaq exhibited the rain water harvesting and spoke in length about its importance.

Shakira Amin Bhat and Tehris Bashir of 4th standard presented different types of bridges. 

Some other students showed interest in medical science and exhibited how the human heart functions.

Tariq A Baktoo chairman Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute appreciated the skills and work of young innovators.  Students from more than fifty educational institutions are participating in this three day event.