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China: Protest by hundreds of Muslims saves mosque from demolition, video goes viral

Siasat Daily 2018-08-10 22:04:41

Ningxia: In China, hundreds of Muslims staged a protest against the authorities’ plan to demolish the newly-build Weizhou Grand Mosque in Ningxia. Their protest forced the authorities to reconsider their decision.

Authorities allege that Mosque was constructed without necessary construction permits. However, due to the demonstration, the government dropped their plan to demolish the mosque.

As per the report of South China Morning Post, the protestors gathered outside the Mosque. Many protestors questions that why the government authorities failed to come to them during the construction of the Mosque.

It may be mentioned that mostly Chinese government do not interfere in religious matters of Hui Muslims. However, now, they are also targeted due to Uyghurs issue.

Earlier, domes of two mosques located in Ningxia region were reportedly removed.

It may be noted that in China, around 23 million Muslims reside. After the Chinese Communist Party announced its aim to “Sinicise”, Muslims are concerned about their religious freedom.