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Bigg Boss 12: Bold and beautiful photos of Jasleen Matharu

Hot Trending topics 2018-10-09 00:01:23

Devotional singer ‘Anup Jalota’ not only expressed anger on his partner ‘Jasleen Matharu’ for failing in the nomination task but also said that he is breaking ties with her. Jasleen was seen shedding tears after breakup with Anup ji in today’s episode. Well, Jasleen’s relationship status has ignited the hopes of several singles who would love to date her.

Let’s check out some attractive photos of the glamorous diva:

Jasleen is one such girl who has been making waves for her glamorous quotient in Bigg Boss house from day one. While several haters bashed her for not leaving her clothes and makeup to save Anup ji, others understood her sentiments and chose to stand by her.

Vichitra jodi of Anup ji and Jasleen has become the favourite of Bigg Boss viewers since day one. Despite of huge age gap, the couple came forward to make their relationship official on national television and received the tag of progressive pair of India.

Soon after Jasleen made entry in Bigg Boss house, she became one of the top trends on internet. People started googling the glamorous diva and found several sizzling images on her social media profile which went viral like wildfire.

The 28-year-old singer is trained in both classical and western music. She has been learning singing from Anup ji for 17 years. It is even rumoured that Jasleen who has been dating Anup ji for three years got pregnant with his baby in 2017.

Jasleen’s beauty has made people crazy for her. Several people are wondering that why she opted for a boyfriend who is 37 years older to her. While others think that it is a publicity stunt, several people close to the couple suggests that they are in relationship from a long time.

The 28-year-old diva is seen dressed in revealing outfits in the pictures on her social media profile. She is good friend of ‘Sukhwinder Singh’ and ‘Mika Singh’. Jasleen is one such diva who is ready to go to any length for winning the show.

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