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Mom sent sex act selfie to jealous killer: ‘I never had a proper orgasm with you’

Delhi News-Record 2018-10-09 01:20:36

Sarah Bramley has been jailed after taunting an ex-boyfriend into killing the new man in her life. FACEBOOK

Sarah Bramley was playing a very dangerous game.

The 29-year-old pregnant British woman decided to end things with her ex-boyfriend by taunting him that her new man was bigger and better in better in bed.

Then, she sent ex-beau David Saunders a snapshot of her performing a sex act on Michael Lawson.

She messaged Saunders: “I have just smashed the lad clean in the face because he wouldn’t go home. What have I got myself involved with? He is outside the house, feel free to smack the c—.”

Sarah Bramley with murder victim Michael Lawson. She taunted an ex-boyfriend to kill her new man. FACEBOOK

That led to Lawson’s murder, a British court was told.

Bramley has now been sentenced to four months in jail for her role in the man’s death.

For weeks, prior to the murder, she had taunted Saunders and the sexxx-rated photo finally tipped him over the edge.

She told him in one message: “I never had a proper orgasm in three months with you, I faked the lot. He has just given me the best orgasm of my life.”

After receiving the snapshot, Saunders went to Bramley’s house in July 2017 where he proceeded to stab Lawson to death with a kitchen knife.

In December 2017, Saunders was jailed for 22 years after he admitted murdering Lawson.

David Saunders was egged on by ex-girlfriend Sarah Bramley to beat up her new beau, Michael Lawson, right. Instead, he killed him. NEWCASTLE POLICE/ FACEBOOK

Bramley’s lawyer told the court that his client had “lost her moral compass” but has now apologized for her actions.

Following the murder, Bramley fled the UK for Australia and was arrested earlier this year when she tried to slip back into the country.

“(Michael Lawson) was a friend of yours, a sexual partner, but he was not the only man in your life at that stage. David Saunders also featured in your somewhat complex personal life,” Judge Ashurst told Bramley.

“Both men were vying for your affections. You did not, however, contemplate that David Saunders would do, what he ultimately did.”