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Ollie, the Polite Cat Goes Viral! Feline With Unique Human-Like Expression Is the Latest Internet Meme; View Pics

Latestly 2018-10-09 11:26:00

Ollie, the Polite Cat (Photo Credits: polite_cat_olli/ Instagram)

Cats are notorious for carrying an attitude of their own. They are at times bossy and demanding too. They will do anything to get noticed, one look at their big innocent eyes and you cannot help but give them all they want. But how often do we hear about polite cats? If you haven’t seen yet, Polite Cat is among the newest internet cat celebrities. Nicknamed as ‘He Looks Very Polite’, the furball garnered enough attention for having an exceptional polite-looking face. And it has turned into quite the viral meme. The pictures are funny and awesomely adorable, and at the same time, the feline has been labelled as ‘polite’ on Instagram. An Adorable Cat Named Dog is Selling Fish in Vietnam, See Cute Pictures of the Feline Seller. 

His name is Ollie! According to reports, it all started in a Hong Kong-based social media site, 9GAG post, where a user submitted a picture of this unique-looking cat whose mouth resembled that of a human’s pressed in a straight line. The image was naturally an instant hit. Bruno 'The High Maintenance' Cat Who Stands Like Humans is Going Viral Because of Her Adoption Post. 

Ollie, the Polite Cat. 

But the meme that had made Polite Cat go viral was a false screengrab of a text message exchange between a landlord and a resident. The renter asks the landlord if they can have a pet in the building. These Funny Cat Videos Will Steal Your Mid-Week Blues. 

Check out the sweet, albeit faux, exchange!

It is a joke which is easy to understand. The internet took this image to a whole new level. From obscure memes in the form of YouTube videos to countless Facebook posts and Instagram feeds; the Polite Cat is basically everywhere.

Polite Cat Meme. 

Everyone seems to love Ollie! And why not? He is adorable, polite and also, he is a cat. However, it has raised a question that if Ollie’s expression is real or photoshopped. The @Polite_Cat_Olli account on Instagram regularly posts pictures of the feline. You can also see the videos with that ‘polite’ expression are mostly short and usually taken from a distance. Well, we certainly have no clarity on this. As of now, it is better not to put much stress if Ollie’s smile is genuine. Let the mysteries be and instead enjoy this new hilarious and endearing meme of the Polite Cat.