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Sports Wallah 2018-10-09 11:21:23

Force India have been performing pretty well in the Formula 1 circuit, however, they are about to witness one big change in their name. In a possible rebranding of the team, it has been widely reported that Force India will be renamed to ‘Force One’.

A report published on said that a document published on May 31st and June 6th revealed that new teams in the names of names Force One Grand Prix, Force One Racing, Force One Team, Force One Technologies, Force One Hospitality, and Force One Brand were registered. Indian businessman and owner of the team, Vijay Mallya, has long been looking to change the name in order to acquire more sponsorship from across the globe. And with this change in the framework, new sponsors will be easy to acquire.

“There is a growing feeling that maybe since we are a much-improved team in terms of performance and attracting more international sponsors, and sadly less Indian sponsors, there is a debate as to why the name should not be changed to give it a more international flavour.” Said Mallya earlier this month.

The task, however, won’t be a walk in the park as the officials of the team will have to submit an application for the same to FIA and it should be approved by the F1 Commission as well. And if history is to be taken into consideration, Emeritus of Formula One Group’s chairman Bernie Ecclestone don’t allow the teams to change their name without a valid reason. Force India, however, are positive in their attempt.