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5 ways a Dean Ambrose heel turn could play out

Sportskeeda 2018-10-09 13:20:00
Heel Dean Ambrose

The RAW results are in, and Dean Ambrose has apparently finally become a heel.

Since Dean Ambrose returned, it was only a matter of time before the creative team made him a heel. Everyone from the wrestling industry insiders to fans agreed that this was the most likely outcome, especially after all the RAW titles were concentrated on The Shield and The Dogs of War.

With that in mind, the creative team constantly teased an Ambrose heel turn, but they never delivered at the moments the fans thought they would. At WWE Super Show-Down, Roman superman-punched Dean, and everyone thought that would be the final straw, but apparently, Dean shrugged it off as an unfortunate accident.

On this week's RAW after getting pinned by Drew McIntyre, Dean left his brothers in the ring, signaling that The Shield might just have broken up. In this article, we take a look at how a Dean Ambrose heel turn would play out.

#5 Reconcile with his brothers

Lets get this one out of the way from the start. There is a possibility that Dean Ambrose might choose to reconcile with his brothers.

The bond between The Shield runs deeper than the bonds between many other tag teams because they view each other as a family. And the truth about a family is that they will always be a family, no matter the ups and downs they might face.

The Shield Brotherhood

With that in mind, Dean may choose to put aside his differences and once again rejoin the most dominant stable in sports entertainment history. That is the path most fans do not want him to take.

#4 The Road to SmackDown

Paige introducing Dean Ambrose?

With SmackDown 1000 coming up, it would be a significant victory for Paige if she managed to poach Dean Ambrose from RAW in time for the event. Dean previously achieved success on his own while on the blue brand, and he has hinted that he could have gone back to SmackDown.

Dean Ambrose WWE Champion

With Dean on SmackDown, the blue brand would be untouchable in terms of ratings and star power on the brand. Dean could even face off against Shinsuke for the United States Championship, and become the new leader of Nakamerica.