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Here is why your favorite cricket stars are definitely not super boyfriend material

crictoday 2018-10-09 14:58:08

The cricket world is filled with talents along with good looks and flamboyant personalities. Their name and fame attract girls and they imagine them as their "Dream Man". Girls dream about these perfect partners and are fascinated with the cricket superstars. But even though cricketers are a good-looking breed, they necessarily are not boyfriend material. They might seem really cool on-screen that make the girls crazy about them, that's simply not enough if you want to get into a relationship with them. Here's a list of cricketers, who are supercool and flamboyant yet are not the perfect boyfriend material.

KL Rahul

The hot and handsome lad from Bangalore is known to be a player on and off the field. His charm along with his hot and toned body makes him so desirable for the girls around the globe. He might seem like a perfect boyfriend material for the girls. But in reality, he is not. Rahul is known to be a big flirt. A few months back, Rahul flirted with gorgeous and beautiful Punjabi actress, Sonam Bajwa on Instagram. Before this incident, The Indian hunk, was spotted with Bollywood actress Niddhi Agerwal on a dinner date. So if you think KL Rahul is the "Man of your Dreams", think again because he definitely will have some loyalty issues with his girlfriend.

Hardik Pandya

The 24-year-old all-rounder from Baroda is a style statement in himself. He likes to keep experimenting with his looks and hairstyles and he is earning some huge respect and success at the international level. Hardik Pandya is one man girls would go crazy for. But despite all these qualities, he also isn't a perfect boyfriend material. Pandya looks like a man, who always concentrates upon himself. This is a sign he's self-absorbed and won't be asking about you much. It also points to how he sees the future as belonging to him, not you both as a couple.

Karun Nair

Karun Nair often drives his female fan following crazy with his charming personality both on the field as well as off field. He was an instant hit in the Indian team as he smashed a breathtaking triple ton, only in his third Test for India which helped him drew the attention of the world. Karun's simplicity has made several hottie's standing in a queue to make this Indian star their own. But sometimes things might not turn out as well as you think. Nair seems like a person, who doesn't want to enter your social circle, maybe because he is not at all interested in your friends.

David Miller

The 29-year-old South African batsman is known for his big hits. But his boyish looks and shy conduct makes him favourite amongst the ladies. What makes Miller even more fascinating is the contrast he holds between his shy personality and flamboyant playing style. But his shy nature could be a problem in his relationships. He is a guy who is really confident on the batting crease but in front of a girl it might be completely opposite.

Sam Curran

The 20-year-old young Englishman rose to prominence in the recently-concluded series against India. Curran was named England's Player of the Series against India, having contributed 272 runs and 11 wickets in England's 4-1 series victory. His boyish charm makes the girls go week at the knees. But whether he will show the same level of maturity in his relationships, which he showed on the field is a big question mark.