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Students made to carry potatoes, provisions

Orissa Post 2018-10-10 21:09:10

Malkangiri: In a shocking incident, students of Badapada school under Chitrakonda block in Malkangiri district were allegedly made to carry potato packets to their hostel when they were supposed to pay attend school. Many quarters have frowned upon the incident.

The government has made provision for mid-day meals to motivate students towards education and help their future, but engaging them in shifting ration and vegetables has become an impediment in their progress, locals have alleged.

It was alleged that similar instances were happening to the detriment of the students’ education owing to the apathy of the administration.

A cook had allegedly instructed six students of the school to carry a 25-kilo packet of potatoes, but they found it difficult to bear the weight. Later, six other students have joined them to accomplish the work.

The hostel superintendent was absent then.

Now, many locals have sought to know why cooks are engaging students to do their work.

However, hostel superintendent could not be contacted for his comment.