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Chhina slams Cong, AAP for joining hands with radicals

webindia123 2018-10-11 00:00:00
Senior BJP leader Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina on Thursday slammed the ruling Congress and rookie Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for cozying up with the radicals and divisive forces in Punjab.

The BJP leader said the state of Punjab had earlier witnessed bloodshed and disturbances all due to the fanciful assertions of the Congress leaders which thrust the state into one of the worst militancy and they are resorting to the same tactics now.

Chhina said it seems the priority for the ruling Congress is petty politics and all its recent steps are in line with the divisive designs in the run up to the Lok Sabha-2019 elections. He warned the Congress government against playing with fire by inciting religious sentiments, supporting and colluding with radical groups for fulfilling political motives.

In a statement here, the BJP leader accused the state government for playing with the emotions of the people. He said AAP is party of 'opportunistic outsiders' who are only interested in grabbing power, even if it is by riding on the shoulder of extremist forces. He expressed serious concerns on how this move of Congress can be detrimental to the hard won peace of Punjab.

Critisising the Congress government for not fulfilling its promises made during last elections, Chhina hit out at ruling party leaders for fanning the fire to conceal their failures as the common man is disillusioned with the performance of their government. "To conceal failures the Congress leaders are resorting to cheap political stunts but the do not understand that such acts would only be detrimental to the well being of the state in the long run," he added.

He urged the Capt Amarinder-led government not to create a 'false religious conflict' as it would destabilize peace and communal harmony and push back the state into the era of darkness like that of 1980s.


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