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4 Basic Exercise Moves you have been doing wrong your WHOLE life!

Fadu News 2018-11-06 05:12:59

Today, we take a look at some of the basic exercises that we have been doing wrong all the time and how to correct them!

We start with the most talked about exercise in everybody's life! Push-ups are performed wrongly by many people! People generally do not maintain a straight line from head to toe which results in poor posture and can also cause harm to the muscles!

The best way to correct this is by starting from a high plank position and placing the hands firmly on the ground directly under one's shoulders!

Many people forget to bend the back knee as much as the front knee which creates an improper form!

So, the right way to do it is that you have to drop your hips straight down, bending both the knees and keep the front heel planted firmly to protect the knee!

Wrong posture for the exercise can result in injury and also might leave you completely ignore this important exercise! The biggest mistake that people make is that they let their body completely sag instead of keeping it rigid or they keep their hips too high off the ground!

As the image explains above, the improper way of doing squats is easier to do and hence many people do it! Always try to keep the back straight while bending knees and keeping the arms forward!