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Tanushree Dutta on Me Too: The initial burst is over, but now it will remain in people's minds

Pinkvilla 2018-11-08 10:52:00
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In an interview with a tabloid, Tanushree Dutta said that even if the Me Too movement has calmed down a bit, it will stay in people's mind.

In September, this year, Tanushree Dutta again talked about the incident that happened with her in 2008 on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss. The actress shared that her co-star Nana Patekar sexually harassed her on the sets when she refused to do an intimate dance with him. She also accused choreographer Ganesh Acharya of misbehaving with her. Tanushree's bravery gave the courage to other women to call out the names of men for their sexual misconduct. Women called out men not only from the film industry but also from their working places or colleges.

From the film industry, celebs like Alok Nath, Sajid Khan, Vikas Bahl, Kailash Kher, Subhash Ghai, Anu Malik, Rajat Kapoor, Vipul Shah and others. The film industry is shocked with some of the names that have come out. It led to the start of Me Too movement and many men and women came out in support of the movement in the month of October. From the past few days, it has been quiet. In an interview with Mid Day, Tanushree Dutta said that the movement might have calmed down, but it will in people's mind.

Dutta said, "This is a spark that has ignited the consciousness of people. True, the initial burst is over, but now it will remain in people's minds and help cleanse the industry. The movement started with Bollywood and then, women, who never thought they would speak up, came forward."

She added, "People have been conditioned to think that it's okay for men to behave inappropriately and actresses have to compromise without complaining. Fortunately, the newer generation is opinionated and will phase out the patriarchal thinking. People have been dropped from projects, studios have become careful to not hire names that are accused. [Having said that,] it's disappointing that not many actresses have spoken up on the matter. They probably gave themselves over to their ambitions. Some stories of Swara [Bhasker] and Kangana's [Ranaut] struggles have been chronicled, but several others disappeared."