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Call Me High Maintenance, but I Can't Sleep Without These 3 Pillows

Pop Sugar 2018-11-08 23:40:18

In order to have a good night of sleep, all the stars need to be aligned. I need to have exercised that day in order to be tired enough. I need to have stopped drinking coffee by noon. I need the kids to be asleep so I don't have one of them tiptoeing into my room and whispering two inches from my face that they're scared, or thirsty, or that they drew a picture of a rainbow for me at school (amazingly sweet, but not at 10 p.m. when we should both be asleep.)

I need darkness, quiet, the perfect temperature, two lovies in my hands (pink and blue) that my kids no longer snuggle with, and these three pillows. Yeah I know. I'm high maintenance when it comes to sleep, but forget everything else and give me my three pillows and I'm good. Ever since I started sleeping with this trifecta of cozy comfort, it's changed my life. If you struggle with sleep, these three pillows could be your ticket to slumbertown.

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