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Hundreds gather at Capitol to support Mueller investigation

Hartford Courant 2018-11-08 23:55:00

Hundreds gathered at the state capitol Thursday night to demand the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election continue.

The demonstration, organized in less than 24 hours by Indivisible CT and Women’s March CT, was one of several across the nation to protest the forced resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the appointment of acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker as his replacement. Whitaker’s past statements suggest he is hostile to the investigation led by Robert Mueller.

Organizers Jim Chapdelaine and Sarah Raskin put the word out Wednesday night on social media and via email. Chapdelaine was pleasantly surprised by the turnout.

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Bren Campbell of Naugatuck dressed as Lady Liberty and held a sign reading “Defend me from this tyranny.”

“I think our president has gone too far in meddling with the law of the land and the Constitution and I wanted to make a very visual statement,” she said.

Other signs read “Mueller Ain’t Going Away,” “Truth Must Prevail,” and “You Can’t Fire The Truth.”

Several speakers called on the crowd to hold the president accountable.

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Trump “has put somebody in the office of attorney general who has spoken publicly about the fact whoever replaces Jeff Session can fire Bob Mueller and that Donald Trump’s finances cannot be investigated,” Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said. “This is a naked, unconcealed attempt to put himself above the law and out of reach of prosecution.”

“A sociopath has all the advantages, especially when everybody else plays by the laws,” said state Rep. Michael Winkler, D-Vernon. “We’re facing a president who says he can change the Constitution with an executive order.”

Winkler wondered what else the president might think he can do by executive order.

“You people are awake,” Winkler said. “We have to awaken everybody.”

As the rally ended, the crowd chanted, “lock him up.”