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Sanal Kumar murder: Police' forged story unfolds

Matrubhumi 2018-11-09 08:08:00

Neyyattinkara: The endeavour of police to save  DySP B Harikumar ,the accused in the Sanalkumar murder case has been exposed. Police’ claim that it was the police who called the ambulance for taking Sanal to hospital was found  baseless.

The police first claimed that it was an accident when he was admitted to medical college hospital. Their claim fell apart when the locals revealed the truth that Sanal was pushed by DySP in front of a running car. Sanal was taken to hospital from road after an hour of the incident.

Further, police said that the life care ambulance which carried Sanal to hospital was called by them. However, their lie came to light when the ambulance driver Anish revealed that he was informed about the incident by another ambulance operator at Kanjiramkulam.

Anish was informed about the incident when he was driving on the Olathanni-Poovar road. He, further took Sanal to hospital accompanied by a CPO named Shibu. While going to hospital, the CPO has allegedly  asked to turn off the beacon lamp and to reduce the speed of the ambulance.

Police, from the beginning claimed that Sanal was taken to hospital on time. According to FIR, the mishap took place at 9.45pm on Monday. Police was informed of the incident at 10.12 pm and the injured was taken to  Neyyattinkara General Hospital at 10.21pm. He was then  shifted to medical college hospital by 11.10pm.

 The police also claimed that  the ambulance had not gone to any other destination other than hospital. This too was proved to be a  lie with the CCTV visuals that show the van travelling to police station.

At Neyyattinkara General Hospital and medical college hospital, police had said that it was an accident case. Later, in the FIR it was written that Sanal was beaten up by DySP B Harikumar and was pushed in front of a running car.