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Sheikh Abdullah - A true representative

State Times 2018-12-06 22:29:06

Shiv Ram Malguria
Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah popularly known as Sher-e-Kashmir was a great leader, educationist, philosopher, religious leader and speaker is not with us but his deeds and path shown by him is there to follow up. He had his early schooling at VI- Charng and later on shifted to high school in the city of Srinagar. He passed his FA from GGM Science College Jammu, BSc from Lahore college and M.Sc. From Aligarh Muslim University in 1930. He started his career as science teacher in State High School Srinagar.
He opposed Maharaja Hari Singh in 1931 and in 1947 he declared that the future of the State would be decided by the people not by the Maharaja. At the age of 25 he consecrated his life to redeem the lot of his people from the quagmire of misery, illiteracy and degradation. He found himself at helm of the movement of liberation launched first as Muslim Conference and later converted into National Conference in 1938 to seek cooperation of Hindus, Muslims and Sikh communities.
To give boost to his mission Sheikh led it to the final phase of Quit Kashmir in 1946. When a mass upheaval shook the State, the freedom struggle in India lent color to the movement inside the State and gave it a new edge and dimension.
During 1947 invassion, when the whole State was burning Sheikh Abdullah came to rescue of people and took over as the head of J&K State and framed emergency Govt. He was a friend of all and made no distinction on religious ground. He represented both Hindus and non-Muslims.
On 24th Oct. Kabalies attacked Muzafrabad, Poonch and Mirpur. At the time Sheikh Abdullah constituted a squad of 10,000 volunteers who worked under the supervision of Bakshi Gulam Mohd. This squad distributed relief, meal, shelter and watched work of banks, Govt. offices and treasuries. Under the supervision and guidance of Sheikh Sahib no untoward happened occurred.
In 1947 Maharaja Hari Singh appointed Ram Chand Kak as PM of J&K State. After some time he again appointed Janak Singh Kotoch as PM, Ram Lal Batra as DY. PM of J&K State. Maharaja Hari Singh again installed Mehar Chand Mahajan as new PM of J&K State.
On 31 october 1947 Maharaja Hari Singh appointed Sheikh Abdullah as Chief Administrative of J&K State, but the post of PM was Chaired by Mehar Chand Mahajan. J&K State acceded to Union of India on 26th Oct 1947 and Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah became the first PM of J&K State on 8th March 1948 at that time he said no doubt we acceded with India but we will remain with honour and grace. 9th August 1953 was the black day in the history of J&K when Sheikh Sahib was dethroned and his democratic government was dismissed. After a gap of 22 years in 1947 Sheikh Sahib agreed to assume the reign of bankrupt State.
(Indira Abdullah Accord) Clause i of the agreement reiterates that State of Jammu and Kashmir is a constituent unit of India but its relations with the union shall be governed by Article 370 of the Constitution of India with a separate flag, separate Constitution. The Centre can only be silent spectator to the State making its own laws, except in matters relating to defence, foreign affairs and communication. (Clause ii) Enables the centre make laws relating to activities rarely likely to take place, such a disclaiming questioning or disrupting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India or bringing about cession or secession of a part of territory of India, or causing insult to the Indian Flag, Anthem and the Constitution. (Clause iii) Provides for repeal of modifications made in Article 370(after 1953) towards the greater integration of the State with India in consultation with legally constituted Govt. of the State, of the time. (Clause iv) Provides for repeal of all laws made by the Parliament for the State including those extended after 1953 in spite of the .P.M’s “refusal to put the clock back.” (Clause v) Provides for amendment in the States Constitution of any provision relating to appointment powers, functions, privileges, duties and amenities of the Governors and superintendence, direction control etc of elections by Election Commission of India. This reviving the possibility of elections is known as “Abdullah type”. The helplessness of Governor has already been taken granted by the people and any addition hardly evoked the concern preventing awakening of the jurisdiction of the Election Commission however cuts at the very roots of the people’s democratic rights cannot be accepted at any cost. (Clause vi) Speak the lack of agreement on the question of nomenclature of the Governor and the CM but the provision favouring the Sheikh in this regard is already there in the protecting clauses. Whether the accord on the whole means a few concessions to the Sheikh so that he could show them to the people as, described by the Prime Minister or a complete surrender on the part of the Centre as prescribed by the President of the Jan Sangh depends upon how its provisions requiring of the Presidents absent are actually implemented. The Presidents boil down to the will of the PM who is party to the accord. He was political hero of the Valley is and not with us but his deeds and achievements as a great mass leader will always with remain us. His mission was universal brotherhood. He was a messiah of the poor and down trodden people.
He was a pious soul
(1). When Sheikh Sahib was passing through a densely populated area of Srinagar in an open jeep, Hakeem Abdullah was also with him when 2 years baby was thrown in his jeep from the window Sheikh Sahib was surprised to see the women. She requested Sheikh Sahib for prayer. He placed his hand on his forehead and recited something for a while and told not to loose courage and have faith in God and left in his with heavy heart after sometime the child was OK. (2). Once Ex-deputy Chairman J&K Legislative Council Ved Parkash had an attack of paralysis at his residence in Kathua. Sheikh visited his house to enquire his health and on seeing his condition Sheikh Sahib recited something for a while and told him not to loose courage and left his house with heavy heart because of bad condition of his colleague. After one month he told his friend by the grace of Sheikh Sahib I am alright. (3). Sheikh Sahib earned international fame and name he is not with us but his deeds are always with us.