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Poll suggests most Northern Ireland voters disagree with DUP on Brexit

News Summed Up 2018-12-06 05:30:00

The poll showed that 65 per cent of voters would prefer a Brexit that left the province closely tied to the European Union PAUL FAITH/AFP/GETTYNorthern Ireland voters appear at odds with the DUP over their future after Brexit, a poll for The Times suggests. The people of Ulster would rather have close links to the European Union even if the rest of the UK had an arms-length agreement. The DUP, the largest political party in Northern Ireland, has rejected Theresa May’s deal on the grounds that it could leave the province with a special status, creating a border down the Irish Sea. The party is threatening to stop propping up the government if the deal goes through. A LucidTalk poll for The Times reveals that 65 per cent of Northern Ireland voters would welcome a Brexit that keeps the province “closely tied to the EU, inside the single market…