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Weird Sexual Fantasies! Man Hospitalised After Wife Inserted Air-Freshener Can in His Bottom During Sex!

Latestly 2019-01-04 14:09:00

Wife inserts air freshener can inside husband during sex (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

People have sex desires and kinky fantasies. Role play and sex games can get really fancy and sometimes end up in the person involved in the hospital! A 40-year-old man had to be hospitalised and undergo immediate surgery when a sex game went horribly wrong and a can of air freshener was stuck in his bottom! The surgery took about about two hours and now the man is currently recovering. The man was operated Francisco Morscoso Puello Hospital in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Jet-Spray Stuck 10-Inches Deep Inside Mumbai Man’s Rectum Removed Successfully By Bhabha Doctors.

The wife told the reporters that she had inserted the can in her husband's butt on his request. The medical specialists have also explained that inserting objects into the body during sexual activity can affect the person's health as well as their sex life in future. Sex toys like dildos are commonly used for gratification but things can be damaging if its inserted beyond recovery. The man in this case, had to be immediately rushed when the wife could not retrieve the product. Turtle Found in British Woman’s Vagina, Police Launch Sexual Assault Investigation.

The surgery went without any hitch and the man is now recovering but such incidents aren't new. In another case of sexual fetish, an elderly man had got his penis stuck in ball-bearing of a car! The man had to be rescued with the help of fire-fighters. These things haven't been restricted to just men, there have been incidences when women too have faced such awkward situations.

A proposal went horribly wrong, when a woman tried to propose her boyfriend by hiding the ring in a kinder egg and then inserting it into her vagina! She wanted to surprise him but ended up being hospitalised in the hospital when the kinder egg went in and the ring was lost. There have been numerous instances like these when such sexual fantasies or sex games ended with surgeries.