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Gujarat Team-BHP Meet - 6th Jan, 2019 2019-01-09 09:43:33

It was a cold morning on Sunday. I was excited to meet other BHPians. I was in touch with

Nitrous Power.

All the Ahmedabad BHPians were also in touch with each other. Their plan was to start the drive at 0810 from a mutually decided point on NH48.

I reached the resort sharp at 0815. After checking the arrangement for the meet, I settled myself at the gate of the resort to welcome other BHPians.

Within five minutes,

Nitrous Power and Vigsom

arrived. After formal greetings, we started doing the same thing what BHPians do the best, discussing cars. We were excited to know more and more about Vigsom's Grand Vitara. However, we started discussing our first car, cars we owned and the current cars. Other BHPians started joining us. We were waiting for Ahmedabad BHPians.

At 0830, Ahmedabad BHPians arrived. They joined us in our car talk. The best thing about we BHPians is, we don’t need to break the ice among us. That ice melts automatically in the heat of cars, car engines and its discussion. That same thing happened with us. We didn't even know each other's proper names. However, we got connected with each other immediately. After a while, we pasted stickers of our handle and name on our t-shirts and shirts.

Some of us noticed that we were blocking the walkway to the restaurant. We got into the restaurant and settled ourselves in a specially allocated dining room for Team-BHP.

An overexcited rose.

After applying those stickers, we came to know each other's name and handle. We started a self-introducing session on alphabetical order as per Team-BHP handle. Most of us are well aware of those three well-known questions of Team-BHP in the registration process. In our introduction session, we added one more question "How Team-BHP?". We were a bunch of BHpians with old BHPains

(visgom: 2006)

and newbies

(RedStallion: Dec2018)

. It was amazing to know the stories of how we bumped up into Team-BHP.

Our introduction speeches didn't have a pre-defined format. All of us talked about many things like how Team-BHP, dream car, Indian car scenes, DIYs, travels, dream trips, Team-BHP threads, the encounter with other BHPians etc. That session was so engaging that no one wanted to get out of the room to have tea, coffee or food. Sensing that, I asked the restaurant manager to allot a dedicated attendant to us to keep serving food and beverages at our table.

At 1055,

Mr & Mrs Tapish

asked our permission to leave. At that time we came to know that it was already 1100. We spent more than two hours just discussing cars without even touching our cell phones.

We decided to have the last group photo at swimming pool and call it a day.

After a quick photo session,


and the group left. We settled ourselves at the poolside and once again our never-ending discussion started. As mentioned above we were discussing many things. However,


sir's Grand Vitara and his DIYs was a hot topic.

At 1215, we decided to have one last photo session with cars on NH48. We left the resort and assembled at one of the service roads on NH48.

We wanted to have a Photo, with all BHPian posing with their cars. However, that service road was a busy road. It was not possible to take that kind of photo. This is what we managed.

Once again, we started discussing cars. This time it was not in a closed room. We were with the cars.

The car of the day was


sir's Grand Vitara. He talked about all his likes and dislikes of Grand Vitara. He also explained some of his DIYs.

At 1300, We bid farewell to each other. We decided to plan this kind of meet once a month to remain in touch. We made some new friends, we came to know about some new things. The best thing was we did something which we love to do with like-minded people.

Talk Cars.