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Daniel Bryan Threw Soda & Hotdog On Fans On Smackdown-R-Truth

sportzwiki 2019-01-09 12:57:51

Daniel Bryan is taking his heel persona to the next level with every passing week. WWE creative has to feed the heelish antics to us, forcefully for most of the other villainous superstars. The WWE Champion, on the other hand, is setting a trademark over on Smackdown Live. Unless who could have thought that an environmentalist can be a heel? Last night’s show brought out the psychotic side of the veteran, once again.

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Smackdown kicked off with a pretty unusual segment where we went straight to the concessions area. Daniel Bryan was making his entrance with fans standing in the area booing him. There were foods and merchandises all over the place. He went on to blast the fans for eating the garbage i.e. junk food on a regular basis. She snatched a hotdog from a fan and mentioned that it was just like AJ Styles.

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Daniel Bryan then threw the hotdog into the fan! The amazing part is that the fan sold it like that someone hit him with a punch to the face. It was a hilarious segment that continued with the champ snatching a soda from a fan. He spread it all over his shirt with the accusation that plastic is choking the earth. After talking trash about the merchandises in counter, he headed into the arena through the crowd.

The trash talking continued on Smackdown opening segment as Daniel Bryan had a mic in hand. He could have gone all night long unless R-Truth pounced on him with an attack. Two weeks ago, Daniel Bryan assaulted the Mixed Match Challenge winner for no reasons. So it was a desperate try for redemption from Truth.

Eventually, he ended up getting a match against Daniel Bryan on Smackdown. However, it is hard to stop the heel champion who is having all the momentums by his side. Truth tried to hit some kicks and a jawbreaker to pin his opponent. But Bryan connected with the Running Knee out of nowhere to get the win.

The trash talking towards the fan continued as Daniel Bryan was heading back to the locker room. AJ Styles had enough of this and attacked him from the back. But the officials arrived on the scene to save the champion. He ran towards the back to leave the fight for Royal Rumble.