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Today I Love Successful Stormy Drives

PsychCentral 2019-01-09 20:12:23
Looking good, Wednesday

Today I love successful stormy drives to my Wednesday office where the weather actually looks just fine so far. I love that there is a little town half way here that usually has the worst weather, as in it can be a sunny summer day in mid July and no one would be surprised to find it to be ten below and three foot drifts there and today we drove through that little crossroad and it was clear sailing on track bare roads. I love that in my mind I heard myself saying, “You had one job to do … !” and I laughed out loud with the residents of the little town whose weather was the envy of the rest of us today. I love that we are a hardy bunch and we set out in nasty weather when we have places to be, eyes open, calm and cool, and we match our driving to the conditions and we make it a point to survive, not to be daredevils but to be the people that others can rely on. I love that we know not to go when it is too bad out. I love that outside my Wednesday office there are bare roads hissing with snow melt and a big old patch of blue sky.

Today I love that my head is feeling a little clearer even though my body is aching more than it was. I love that I am feeling good enough to work today, though work is sitting and writing and taking care of website work. I love working hard in my head, finding the tricks that the sites in my care need, finding the words that say clearly and succinctly what I mean. I love working in the Wednesday office when the kitchen is fired up and everything smells so good. I love work and I love that it is good to me, letting me move easily through it when I’m feeling less than perfect and allowing me to rip through it when I’m up for the race. I love that days like today are a combination of racing and taking it easy.

Today I love raspberry and blueberry oatmeal that I made last night. I love that the fridge is full of food even though we had a slow weekend and didn’t spend as much time in the kitchen as we usually do. I love that I am hoping to do some more cooking this coming week and weekend and we’ll get ahead and stockpile some meals in the fridge and maybe even the freezer. I love when there is good food all ready and waiting.

Today I love drinking coffee in the Wednesday office as the clouds drift by in a blue, blue sky and the cars hiss past the window.

Today I Love Successful Stormy Drives