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betanews 2019-01-09 22:02:51

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Well done, ver 1.1 works great, all info for my setup is correct and settings are saved. 5930@4114 Great little utility.

JeremyP reviewed v1.0 RC4 on Oct 17, 2012


Yeah. It's really really hard clicking on the button that says

"Skip all free offers"

isn't it?

minklein reviewed v1.0 RC2 on Sep 9, 2011

I give it a 2 for effort, 99.5 works better.

The installer wants to put a bunch of bloatware garbage on your system, for that it gets a 1. It recognizes a 990x as a 930, but then 99.5 comes up as an Intel Atom cpu. Everything else works great on 99.5, 1.0 will not save settings. Check the box that says "start with windows" and it comes up with an error message and crashes.

I am using a Asus Rampage x58 and Win64.

I've been using this without an issue. Works good, and it's pretty accurate. I don't use the installer, but instead, just use the portable version and run the app from it's own folder. Works well for me.

Nighted reviewed v1.0 RC1 on Aug 19, 2011

Wow this new "InstallIQ" installer is a major buzzkill. Nice work guys, here's 1 star until you drop this garbage. >:(

mamisano reviewed v1.0 RC1 on Aug 19, 2011

I love the application and have been using it for years.

Unfortunately the download link here and the main one on the Core Temp website use "InstallIQ" to install the program. InstallIQ requires you change your start page and default search engine to Yahoo, installs cookies and adds registry keys.

If you want to bypass what I would consider adware / spyware, visit the Core Temp site, and click on Extras below the main download link. This will allow you do download the standalone installation packages.

jetz reviewed v0.99.7.7 on Aug 2, 2010

Turns out it does read my thuban. Had to change a bios setting in ch4.

jetz reviewed v0.99.6.1 on May 10, 2010

Still does not show my AMD 1090T temps :(

us3r reviewed v0.99.6.0 on Apr 27, 2010

This version has few bugs.


Athlon XP M doesn't have an embedded temperature sensor, you are obviously ranting without a reason.

maxxowar reviewed v0.99.5.26 on Aug 4, 2009

It doesn't see my AMD Athlon XP-M Barton 2500+ overclocked to 3200+ (200 * 11 = 2200Mhz).

Andy Dean reviewed v0.99.5.20 Beta on Apr 14, 2009

Nice this release now has signed drivers. No more using f8 at bootup.

This continues to be the best cpu temp monitor available.

This is the 32bit version. 64bit version can be found on the website in the forums under Beta. 64bit is required on 64bit Windows. unfortunately this latest beta build does not have signed drivers and fails to load under Vista 64 even with driver signature checking turned off.

there's a chance it's not a signed driver issue but CoreTemp 64 still fails to load regardless. gets a 1. all previous versions, inclkuding betas, get a 5 from me b/c it's the best of all the CPU temp programs, the simplest to use, and the bets supported. unfortunately this version doesnt work at all for me even after deleted the settings ini.