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Hulu Teams Up With World Famous Egg For Mental Health Awareness

Ubergizmo 2019-02-04 20:19:35

You may have heard that a stock image of a plain egg broke the record for the most liked picture on Instagram last month. It took away Kylie Jenner’s bragging rights for having the most liked picture on the popular social network. The account that achieved this incredible feat is now putting that reach to good use. Hulu has teamed up with the world famous egg to raise awareness about mental health.

The “world_record_egg” account which posted this photo now has 10 million followers with the photo amassing an incredible 52 million likes. Hulu tapped into that audience with a 30-second video that aired on the streaming service around the Super Bowl.

The ad spot had been teased through the Twitter account and it ultimately ended up being a collaboration with Hulu which raises awareness for mental health, particularly in relation to the pressures of social media.

“Recently I’ve started to crack… the pressure of social media is getting to me,” reads the video as the shell begins to crack and breaks into pieces. “If you’re struggling too, talk to someone,” comes the message before it comes whole again. The video ends with a link to the Mental Health America website.

The entire campaign was appreciated on social media and even received props from the folks at Mental Health America.

We’d like to thank #TalkingEgg for shining a limelight on #mentalhealth tonight with an important message. Not everyone chooses to #fightintheopen for mental health, but you did for the 1 in 5 Americans living with a mental health condition. Thank you, #EggGang! 💚🥚

— Mental Health America (@MentalHealthAm) February 4, 2019

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