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This questioned helped Pichai in cracking Google's interview and land a job,know it here

News Track 2019-02-09 16:02:00

Pichai Sundarajan commonly known as  Sundar Pichai who is currently the CEO of Goofle LLC. Is insipration for the others. Pichai is a IIT Kharagpur alumni who joined Google in 2004.  We all know that Google pays a hefty salary and it is just one of many reasons why a lot of software engineers in India want to join the company. However, it is also common knowledge that Google interviews are tough to crack. Candidates have to sit through at least five interviews before they get selected. People wonders how the Pichai have faced the difficult interview of the tech-giant and what question landed Pichai that job.

In a talk at IIT Kharagpur in 2017, Sundar Pichai was asked about his interview with Google and he recounted how that went. Pichai  said, "I interviewed at Google on April 1 2004, which is April Fools Day. Google had just announced Gmail and it was invite only at that time but people weren't exactly sure whether it was just an April Fools joke."

He recalled how in his first three interviews he was asked about what he thought about Gmail and he couldn't respond well since he had never used the product and thought it was a joke. In his fourth interview as well, the interviewer asked, "Have you seen Gmail?" and Pichai answered No. Well, that didn't eliminate him. Instead, the person went on show Gmail to him and explain what the product was. In his fifth interview when he was asked about Gmail again, Pichai answered confidently about what he thought of the product and how it could be improved. After answering this question Google welcomed the Pichai who became CEO of Goofle LLC in few years.