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OMG! Man leaves pregnant wife after being addicted to PUBG

Khas Khabar-English 2019-02-09 16:50:06

According to a viral Facebook post, PUBG addiction has played a role in a man leaving his pregnant wife and their child for the game. According to the post, the man was introduced to PUBG by his siblings, and then started to play it excessively. This led to arguments, as the man was staying up all night to play PUBG and neglecting his responsibilities, like work. Eventually, the man decided to leave his family, which apparently occurred about a month ago at the time of this writing. The post doesn’t appear to have any identification of the woman or her husband, so it’s possible that the account is fabricated. But while we can’t verify the accuracy of the post, it is worth pointing out that video game addiction is a real thing that has had an impact on families. After all, there is a reason why Fortnite was cited in over 200 divorce cases in the UK alone. Read More...