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3 instances when the dismissed batsman was called back

Eenadu India 2019-02-11 00:15:00

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Hyderabad: Cricket has always been a batsman's game and we all have seen the rules slightly favouring them. But that doesn't mean that every time they are on the receiving end of the good fortune.

Very often a batsman falls prey to a harsh decision from umpires. To overcome this problem, the ICC came up with the Decision Review System i.e. DRS. But even after the use of technology, we have seen several instances where the batsman is given out wrongly.

There are only 3 possibilities when a dismissed batman can get a reprieve:

  • If he chooses to use the DRS, if available and it overturns the on-field umpire's decision.
  • If the umpire goes to the third umpire to check if the ball that got him out was a legal one.
  • When the opposition captain withdraws the appeal.

In October 2017, ICC amended the rules of a no-ball. The governing body asked the umpires to check if the wicket ball is a no-ball. So, if the batsman is given out and he has left the ground and has entered the dressing room.  The umpire is supposed to ask him to wait and then check if the wicket ball is no ball. The laws state a player can be recalled until the next ball is bowled.

There are many occasions when the batsman is given out and then again recalled for batting. Here we take a look back at those instances:

3. West Indies vs England 2019- Ben Stokes was sitting in the changing room and about to take his pads off having been caught and bowled for 52 by Alzarri Joseph when the third umpire overturned the dismissal for the bowler fractionally overstepping.

This is what happened when Ben Stokes was recalled despite making his into the dressing room. via

— Aritra Mukherjee (@aritram029) February 10, 2019
2. England Vs India 2011

- Bell's run-out on 137, after having left the crease before the ball was dead, was on the verge of becoming a major point of dispute between the two sides. During the break, England captain Andrew Strauss and coach Andy Flower went to the Indian dressing room to ask MS Dhoni if the run-out decision could be overturned. The Indians agreed to withdraw the appeal.

Ian Bell's run out against India in the 2nd Test in 2011, he was given out by the 3rd umpire but Dhoni calls him back withdrawing his appeal just because of spirit of the game.

— Shahid (@cricket_worm) October 18, 2018

1. India Vs England - GR Viswanath recalled England player Bob Taylor after the batsman was given out caught behind. India eventually lost that Golden Jubilee Test played in Mumbai in 1980.