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Why Pawan Kalyan is silent during Modi's visit to the state?

AP Herald 2019-02-11 09:15:54

According to sources Prime Minister Narendra Modi's public meeting in Guntur today has invited for huge debate in AP political circles. Reportedly when given that TDP govt has planned to hold massive protests against Modi's rally, the main opposition parties in AP kept silent and did not make their stand clear so far.

Meanwhile on one hand the state BJP leadership is making arrangements for meeting called 'Praja Chaitanya Sabha' at Etukuru bypass road, on other hand huge hoardings which said '#GoBackModi' have appeared on Guntur roads. Furthermore the TDP chief while speaking to his party leaders at a teleconference said, "The drama of Jagan will get exposed to AP people after Modi's rally. 

Usually the Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan who claims that he was the first person to question Narendra Modi, is tight-lipped now. Moreover also in the past, Pawan said that he is ready to partner with anyone to save the interests of state, but, his absence during the PM's visit is raising doubts over his commitment and if he is really against Modi for ignoring AP special status, he should have given a call to his party cadre to a protest against Modi's rally.