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Five of the most aesthetically pleasing cricket stadiums from around the world

Sports Wallah 2019-03-12 13:08:46

It is one thing playing at an iconic cricket stadium and a completely different one playing at a scenic stadium. Conversely, if you are a part of the crowd it is all about the seat and stands you have occupied that changes your entire experience. This is not just in terms of your view of the action, of course, that is important, but what we are talking about here is the scenic beauty that makes for picturesque backgrounds.

If you are sitting at the Pavilion End at Lord’s you might see a dull view, apart from the cricket. However, if you are at the Nursery End, it is a completely different story. Here are some of the most aesthetically beautiful cricketing stadiums from all over the world.

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) stadium, Dharamshala, India.

HPCA Stadium India (Source: Wikipedia)

It would not hurt to say that the bowlers run in straight The Himalayas into their bowling stride when they are playing at this absolutely stunning stadium. The BCCI has been boasting about the beauty and scenic value of this stadium and it is not in vain, it is by far one of the best stadiums over the world and is stationed at a height of 4,110 feet. Along with being exceptionally beautiful, it is also the highest international cricket ground in the world.

Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, Australia.

Adelaide Oval (Source: Pinterest)

Despite undergoing multiple renovations, the Adelaide Oval in Australia is still one of the most attractive stadiums in the world. Surrounded by a beautiful set of gardens, and located near the river Torrens and a stunning backdrop of St. Peter Cathedral, the stadium is absolute bliss for the players as well as the crowd. The beautiful view is not just limited to cricket as the stadium also hosts matches for rugby, football, and a few other sports.

Newlands Cricket Ground, Capetown

Newlands cricket stadium (Source: Daily Maverick)

A complete picturesque stadium, the Newlands cricket stadium is the perfect background for a beautiful picture. The devil’s peak from the Table Mountains must be given credit for the ground being as stunning as it is. One of the square boundaries in this stadium has the Table Mountain looking over it and the clouds gushing into this mountain make for a breathtaking view. The stadium can seat 25,000 people and has also witnessed some great moments in cricketing history.

Pallekele Cricket Stadium, Sri Lanka

Pallekele cricket stadium (Source: Make My Trip)

This stunning stadium only adds to aesthetic beauty that Kandy already is. The stadium is located on the outskirts of the city and sits on the hills. It makes for a beautiful view as you can get an amazing glimpse of the sun setting down. The surrounding hills are covered with tea plantations and lush green trees that add to the beauty as well. The stadium also has grass banks along with seats, which make it even better.

Arnos Vale stadium, West Indies

Arnos Vale Stadium (Source: Telegraph)

It would be unfair to have a list of the most beautiful stadiums and leave the Arnos Vale Stadium from the Carribean out of it. The stadium is so close to the beaches that it is actually possible for Chris Gayle to hit a ball into the waters. It is surrounded by a stunning view of the beach into the horizon.