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WATCH | Rahul Tripathi sends himself to the air before back-flicking the ball for a superb relay catch

Sports Cafe 2019-03-12 20:52:15

While catches have taken a whole different meaning after the Chris Lynn catch in 2014 Indian Premier League, many have tried to pull off something of their own. Rahul Tripathi literally took off from boundary line and back-flicked the ball to Divyang Himganekar so as to end the Railways innings.

How often do you see a cricketer doing something that should only be allowed to the gymnasts to do? More often, right. Yeah, blame Chris Lynn and Jonty Rhodes for spoiling us through their super fielding efforts which means the cricketers of the modern generation have tried doing it as many ways as possible. Had that not been the case, Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament, which had lost all its significance for it being played after the IPL auction, wouldn’t have seen something that it did today. Trust me, it was amazing.

With 27 runs needed off the last over, Railways’ hope of winning the game was all but over. There came a moment, they hit a four and the game was set up for an entertaining finish. Railways might not have given that, but Maharashtra fielder Rahul Tripathi definitely gave one moment to cherish.

Manjeet Singh hit the Vishal Gite delivery in the air and for the most parts of the game, it seemed like it would cross the boundary for a maximum. But as fate would have it, Manjeet’s little joy of life was taken away from him as Tripathi was alert enough to pull off a Chris Lynn in the deep. 

He jumped with an angled position, kept his head intact to set the eyes with the ball before making a full leap to reach the ball position. Understanding the fact that the ball would go for a six otherwise, he made a wise move of flicking the ball back in the air. Divyang Himganekar was alert to take the catch easily, but how did Tripathi able to do that?