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Amritsar Residents Say They Heard 'Loud Sounds', Police Appeal For Calm as 'Sonic Boom' Theory Goes Viral

Latestly 2019-03-15 09:27:00

Amritsar railway station (Photo Credits: Amritsar Junction Facebook Page)

Amritsar, March 15: Several residents of Punjab's Amritsar city on Twitter said they heard 'two loud sounds' in the early hours of Friday. As several theories about what the sounds could be started going viral, the police appealed for calm saying "everything was okay" in the city. #Amritsar was trending on the micro-blogging website.

According to Twitter users from Amritsar, the loud sounds were heard at around 1 am today. One of the theories floating around on Twitter says it could be "sonic booms" from two air force jets flying in the area. A sonic boom is the sound that is generated when jets break the sound barrier, which is when they move faster than the speed of sound. NASA Captures First Images of Supersonic Shockwaves Colliding in Flight.

"I appeal to the people to not believe in rumours on social media. Everything is okay. As per our information nothing has happened," Jagjit Singh Walia, ADCP Amritsar, told news agency ANI. Terming the 'sonic booms' theory a social media chatter, Walia said: "We will investigate the matter. If there is something, we will let you know."

Amritsar is situated near the border of India with Pakistan with the Wagah Border only 28 kilometres away. Two Pakistani fighters were detected on Tuesday night going supersonic 10 kms from the Line of Control (LoC) within the territory of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in Poonch sector.