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Students rally against climate change in Adelaide’s CBD

The Advertiser 2019-03-15 09:01:00

Thousands of Adelaide students are swapping lessons for a rally on the city streets, calling for action on climate change.

Repeated in rallies across Australia and the world today, the Adelaide School Strike 4 Climate students took to the steps of Parliament House, spilling out on to North Tce for speeches.

The 5000-strong crowd was deafening as the youths’ voices boomed across the streets and spread online via a Facebook live stream.

“Close your eyes. That will be the colour of the ocean if we do nothing,” said student organiser Jessica Timms.

Rally organiser and Glenunga International High Year 12 student Doha Khan, 17, said young people are “sick” of climate change being treated as “political football”.

“We cannot vote and that’s why we are striking today,” she said.

“We know that climate change is the biggest issue that our generation faces.

“It’s not about talking anymore, this is about action.”

School and university students, parents and activists then marched down North Tce and King William St towards Victoria Square.

The rallies are mirrored across the country — thousands of school students, parents and activists have gathered in Sydney’s Town Hall Square.

The students — many wearing their uniforms — held signs on Friday with slogans such as “The climate is changing, why aren’t we?” and “Make earth cool again”.

Urrbrae Agricultural High School Year 8 student Polina wants politicians and decision makers to pay attention to what young people have to say.

“It’s up to us what our planet is going to look like in the future and we are going to be living in it,” she said.

Rally organiser and Unley High School Year 11 student Deanna Athanasos wants politicians to “do a lot more” on climate change.

“It’s going to have a massive impact — it already has — and they (politicians) just don’t understand and not doing enough to stop (climate change),” she said.

Parent Robin Anthony, of Aldinga Beach, attended the rally with son Joe, 8, who hoped to “save the world”.

“I want to show the kids that they can stand up for what they believe in and push the limit so things get done,” she said.

Mother Samantha Muller, of Eden Hills, alongside her five-yaer-old daughter Lulu, wants to send a message to the government that the time has come to take action on climate change.