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Water purification plant donated to Osmania General Hospital

Hans India 2019-05-14 02:01:29

Afzalgunj: The Safa Baitul Maal (SBM), the NGO, which is engaged in providing filtered drinking water at state-run hospitals amongst its other services, has now come up with an idea of installing a water purification plant, with a capacity of filtering 1,000 litres per hour, at the Osmania General Hospital.

The plant costs Rs 7 lakh and it also requires a person to look after it. The SBM also constructed a room for this purpose. According to the representatives of the NGO, this Muslim Charitable organization has been engaged in distributing free drinking water in summer at Osmania General Hospital for past several years.

The plant will now supply pure filtered drinking water at free of charge to everyone throughout the year. This was inaugurated by Giyas Ahmed Rashadi, NGO chief, Dr B Nagender, Superintendent at OGH, and Dr Rafi, RMO.

It may be mentioned here that in the month of March, the SBM has already started this year's camp at Government Maternity Hospital in Petlaburj and at Osmania General Hospital in Afzalgunj, as part of its over a decade of services in this endeavour.

The installation of new plant boosts its services, as each year during summer season the SBM installed drinking water camps in hospitals where thousands of people consume water for free. The drinking water camp was started in 2008 and Osmania General Hospital was chosen, where over 5,000 people consume water every day. With the installation of water plant, the NGO hopes to quench the thirst of more people.

After successfully running the camp at OGH, SBM decided to install the camp at Government Maternity Hospital in 2015. The camp helps more than 2,500 people get drinking water every day. Along with free drinking water, SBM also distributes food and fruit to patients at government hospitals once in a week.

Earlier, water was distributed from SBM water plant, which was started specifically for this purpose. Apart from distributing free water to general public, SBM also supplies free water in the program, which is conducted by Madarsas (seminary) all over the city.