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Robot-aided surgery done in Jipmer

DTNext 2019-05-14 03:59:45

Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research (Jipmer) has performed its first robotic-assisted choledochal cyst excision on a 12-year-old patient recently.

Puducherry: A Jipmer release on Monday said, it was performed by a team of doctors consisting of anaesthesiologists headed by Dr Sandeep Mishra and Dr Naveen and a surgical team including pediatric surgeon Dr Bibekanand Jindal and surgical gastroenterologist Dr R Kalayarasan.
The patient was having from recurrent abdomen pain because of choledochal cyst. Choledochal cyst is cystic dilatation of the bile duct, which drains bile from liver to intestine.
Conventionally, surgery for this condition is performed by an open approach, which needs a longer hospital stay, causes more pain, and leaves a large scar. In comparison, robotic surgery needs shorter hospital stay, is less painful and is cosmetically better.
Thus the child was able to walk happily and took full feeds on the fifth day after this major surgery.
This is the first pediatric robotic assisted choledochal cyst surgery done at Jipmer and is probably the first such procedure in Southern India. Dr Mishra said, Jipmer has performed more than 350 cases of robotic assisted surgery overall and around 45 cases of robotic assisted surgeries in children.
He said that this kind of advanced minimal surgery is possible only because of team work involving the anesthesia team, nursing staff, the multi-disciplinary robotic surgical team, and constant support and motivation from HoD of Pediatric Surgery, the Medical Superintendent Dr Ashok Badhe and the Institute’s Director.