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‘Humanity above all’: Muslim man breaks fast to donate blood to Hindu patient

Indian Express 2019-05-14 03:22:05

Ahmad wanted to donate his blood and wanted to know if he could do so while fasting. He was advised that it would be better if he broke his fast.

As Muslims around the world observe the holy month of Ramzan, a man in Assam broke his fast to donate blood to a Hindu man. Twenty-six-year-old Panaulla Ahmad decided to break his fast to help a patient in dire need of blood.

Resting after his ‘sehri’ (pre-dawn meal) recently, Ahmad noticed his roommate Tapash Bhagawati was worried about something. Bhagawati, who is also an active member of a popular blood donors group in the state called Team Humanity, had received a call the previous night about a patient who needed two units of O-positive blood. However, despite a rigorous search and online appeals, Rajan Gogoi’s family failed to procure donors.

Both Ahmad and Bhagwati work at ’s Swagat Super Speciality Surgical Hospital and immediately rushed to another hospital where Gogoi was admitted. Ahmad wanted to donate his blood and wanted to know if he could donate blood while fasting. He was told that while he can donate blood, it was not advisble to do so while fasting. So he chose to help the man recovering from major surgery and broke his fast.

Before donating blood, Ahmad also reportedly consulted some maulvis who encouraged him to go ahead and help another person in need, but also advised him to break his fast.

The photo of the two friends was shared on by a page and urged others to donate blood regularly just like the duo.