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Vancouver experiences mini heat wave

Straight 2019-06-12 00:37:40

There's no weather alert from Environment Canada, but it's still going to be hot across the Lower Mainland over the next two days.

The mercury will reach 24 ° C near the water in Vancouver this afternoon, with sunny skies all day. 

Inland temperatures will be as high as 29 ° C.

On Wednesday (June 12), it's going to reach 25 ° C, though it will feel like 31 ° C, according to the Weather Network. Inland temperatures will rise to 30 ° C.

There will be cloudy patches on Wednesday, but that won't discourage those who want to sneak away from work for a swim at the Kitsilano Beach pool.

On Thursday (June 13), the high is predicted to reach 24 ° C before temperatures fall somewhat going into the weekend.