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Ancient Afghan citadel collapses, cultural heritage sites at risk

News Summed Up 2019-06-15 05:30:00

The old citadel known as Ghaznain Fort originally had 36 towers, but 14 of the towers had collapsed in recent years due to decades of war, heavy rain and neglect. A short video posted on social media shows it crumbling but local residents say negligence also contributed to its collapse. "The government paid no attention to the sites and didn't build canals to divert flood water," said Ghulam Sakhi, who lives near the citadel. "We have warned the government about the dire condition of the citadel but no one visited," Sakhi said. The province and its cultural heritage was officially declared as Asian Capital of Islamic Culture in 2013 by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, a Morocco-based body created in 1981, supported by UNESCO.