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Melinda Gates: Uplifting women is my new purpose

News Summed Up 2019-06-15 05:30:00

Launched a few weeks ago, the book is an articulate exposition of what development work is all about and how, through targeted interventions, it can change lives. The Moment of Lift is a critical evaluation of Melinda Gates’ involvement in humanitarian initiatives, which on balance, have noticeably changed societies. Melinda, the wife of technology multibillionaire Bill Gates, makes confessions right from the outset of some of the mistakes she made and wrong assumptions she held in the past about social work. For Melinda, seeing is believing, a belief that has seen her traverse continents to experience the lives of ordinary people. Rather than catalogue her achievements in development work, Melinda provides examples of how women, through modest interventions, have made a difference in their lives; demonstrating undying determination by the disadvantaged to defeat great odds stacked against them.