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Viral Video: Bird stops moving tractor to protect her eggs, makes netizens emotional

Indian Express 2019-07-11 02:18:56

A short clip has gone viral, which features a mother bird stopping a moving tractor in Ulanqab city, North China to protect her eggs. The touching moment has caught everyone's attention.

A short video clip, which shows a bird forcing the driver of a tractor to stop in a bid to save its eggs, has gone viral. The video clip, posted by China Global Television Network (@CGTNOfficial) on its Twitter page, is said to be from Ulanqab city in north China.

Noticing the desperate attempt of the bird, the driver placed a bottle of water near the bird. The touching moment has caught everyone’s attention.

Watch the video here :

Mother bird stops moving tractor to protect eggs

— CGTN (@CGTNOfficial)

The short video clip is winning hearts of netizens on social media platforms. Take a look at some of the reactions.

What beautiful and brave mother.
Good night and greetings to all

— Marychuy Lechuga 🇲🇽🌍🌎 (@MARYCHUY13)

Amazing ! The communication is by
action, extending both wings as a
stop sign is understandable for
both parties.

— Apostol Hong 洪景明 ,成功大學機械系62B級畢業 (@eI77kRZHwP7UhqA)

Great video. Brave little mom bird 🐦

— 🌊 Lyn (@amblyninaz)

Wowo…..! Humans please have mercy on wild life.

— Sz. Wugdhk (@wugdhk)


— Rosa freedom (@darkherrera22)