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Director who made Vulgar comments on Tamanna has approached her once again!

AP Herald 2019-07-11 17:15:00

Hope we all do remember the movie 'Okkadochadu' featuring Vishal and Tamannaah in the lead roles. The movie was written and directed by Suraj and it also got a release in Hindi under the title 'Rowdy Rajkumar'. The movie got negative reviews from critics.

However, the real drama happened after the release as Director Suraj in an interview said he will strip all his movie heroines as they get paid in Crores and their skin show is what attract audiences into the theaters. Tamanna who did the female lead role herself lashed out the director for such a statement.

Later, he apologized and he said he never meant that in a wrong intention. But after that, the director never got a chance to direct a movie at all. In this case, recently the director has decided to step into the shoes of a Producer and he has approached Tamanna to do the lead role.

Tamanna who already faced lots of criticism, turned down the offer despite she was paid a whopping amount as her remuneration. It should be noted that Tamanna acted in 2 movies under his direction earlier. The actress politely refused she can't do it again after he made such a statement about her.