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Trash piles up near state library

The Tribune 2019-07-12 07:56:00

The ground behind the State Library, Sector 34, has turned into a dumping yard. Readers visiting the library were being welcomed with stench.

Neha Sharma, a regular visitor said, “We come here to study. However, the site outside the library is awful. During monsoon it gets difficult to stand here.”

Ram Lakhan (60), who runs a tea-stall said, “It is not a new issue. Garbage is being dumped here for a long time. Nobody seems to care.”

Harish Kumar, who works in Sector 34 said, “I have never seen any sanitation worker collecting garbage here. Dumping waste in the open has become quite regular nowadays.”

Councillor Ravinder Kaur said, “I just got some of the dumping grounds cleaned up in the area. I was not aware of the condition near the library.”

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