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Municipal park under 3-foot-deep water

The Tribune 2019-07-12 07:56:00

Wrong planning and insufficient arrangements for disposal of rainwater at the municipal park in Ward No. 2, Mundi Kharar village, has converted the area into a mini lake. Two to three feet water has accumulated in the park after recent rain.

Rainwater entered the choe that passes by the park thus making the situation worse. While giving more information Ranjit Singh Thekedar, president, Ramgarhia Missal, Mohali district, said lakhs were spent by the Municipal Council (MC) in the past but the problem remained unsolved.

“Some colonisers and house owners openly drain water from the sewerage into the choe,” he added.

“The MC has made a dump for disposing of garbage near the park. Nobody can pass through the area without covering his/her nose due to the stench emanating from the garbage dump and the sewerage water,” he said.

“We will start an agitation if the MC fails to solve the issue,” he added.

When contacted Rajesh Sharma, Executive Officer, Kharar MC, said, “I have asked civic body employees to do the needful.”

Rainwater in drain irks traders on Landran road

A few traders in a letter written to Union Cabinet Minister Nitin Gadkari have alleged that although a 6 km-long drain was constructed by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) about six years ago on the Landran road, there was no arrangement for draining dirty water from the drain.

In the letter to the minister traders stated six years ago the road from Ladran to Kharar was converted into four lanes and a 6 km drain on both sides of the stretch was constructed, but there was no arrangement for the disposal of standing water in the drain on both sides.

Whenever it rained water filled in the drain overflowed on the Landran road, said traders. The rainwater not only damaged the road, but also entered shops and residential houses in the vicinity.

In the letter traders suggested that rainwater could be easily diverted to Landran Wali Nadi, which was about 100 metres away from the last end of the drain.

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