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The flight attendant took the woman off the plane because of her short dress, read incident!

News Track 2019-07-12 11:11:00

Sometimes a flight incident occurs that surprises everyone. A similar strange incident occurred on the plane with a woman from Houston. Describing the woman's clothing as provocative, American Airlines took her and her 8-year-old son down from the flight. It must have been strange to hear, and the reason was nothing special that the users were provoked to know.

The incident took place on June 30 when the woman was told to cover herself up and only then would she be allowed to travel. American Airlines spokesman Shannon Gillson said the company had returned the full amount of the passenger's money after it surfaced. Also, suffering traveller and medical physician Tisha Rowe, told The Washington Post on Tuesday that she had not received any money back. Tisha and her son were returning to the US after spending a week in Jamaica.

That's when she realised she was sweaty. So she went to the bathroom to dry herself before boarding. "I saw myself, I knew what I was looking like from the front and from behind," Rowe then climbed into the plane with her son. But a female attendant on the flight took her out on the pretext of talking. Strangely, the attendant asked him if he had a jacket. If not, you can't go inside the plane in this dress. She did not want to risk the time of the trip, so she asked for a blanket from the attendant. During this time, the attendant continued to say that you cannot go to the plane without cover yourself.

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"I wore the same dress when the American airline took down the plane by citing talk," Rowe wrote on his Twitter account. What made me cover myself up? I was intimidated that I would not be allowed to board a flight if I didn't cover myself up. So I had to wrap the blanket,"