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Mattel announces Star Wars Barbie collection

Monstersand Critics 2019-08-14 01:28:01

Mattell has just announced a new Star Wars collection. It looks like Barbie is getting a makeover in a galaxy far far away.

Inspired by the iconic original trilogy, this particular new set of dolls are based on the characters from the film Star Wars: Episode IV. We see Barbie donning the outfits of Darth Vader, R2-D2, and Princess Leia.

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Included with these dolls are stands and a certificate of authenticity.

Barbie takes on the role of the Dark Lord of the Sith here. Much like the act of Disney bounding, her outfit is inspired by Darth Vader with dark glasses, a shiny-black ensemble that’s a nod to Vader’s armor, and there are even little details such as the character’s chest control panel.

Then there’s the R2-D2 Barbie that captures the look of the spunky Astromech droid.

We dig the dome skirt and bomber jacket here.

Also loving the blue hair with “radar eye” detail. It’s another total Disney bounding outfit here. Got to say this look also gives us a heavy Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century vibes (does anyone else remember this Disney movie?).

And finally, there’s our favorite of the lot, the Princess Leia Barbie (RIP Carrie Fisher). The strong, fierce, and independent leader of the Rebel Alliance. She takes on the white princess gown along with a silver peplum belt, cuff jewelry, and her signature cinnamon hairstyle.

They’re available now for pre-order on Mattel for $100 and will be released on November 18. These Barbies will no doubt become highly collectible and sought after by both Barbie and Star Wars collectors.