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John Chardon denies sex with students he supported overseas

Courier Mail 2019-09-02 06:56:00

JOHN Chardon has denied having sex with young women he financially supported in the Philippines, under cross-examination in his own murder trial.

The Crown alleges the 71-year-old Gold Coast businessman, who is behind the lubricant company that manufactures Inox, murdered his wife Novy Chardon in 2013.

Chardon has pleaded not guilty.

Novy, 34, was last seen at Upper Coomera on February 6, six years ago.

During the trial, the jury heard evidence Chardon had become a “philanthropist” in the late 1990s, sending money to disadvantaged women in the Philippines to allow them to go to school and university.

media_cameraA sketch of John Chardon in a Brisbane court last week. Illustration: Richard Gosling

Marshall Aguilor, who came to arrange for Chardon to have sex with women in the country, previously gave evidence the businessman’s trial.

The witness told the jury Chardon came to “support” six students in the country paying for their schooling and allowances but claimed when he came to the Philippines it was “payback time”.

“He said he doesn’t mind about helping, giving them the best that he can give, they (can go to) luxury schools, expensive schools, the best university (and said:) ‘But if I’m in the Philippines, I want my favour, I want to have sex with them’,” Mr Aguilor told the court.

He later said Chardon asked him to arrange the meetings when he visited the Philippines.

“He said: ‘They shouldn’t be fussy, I want to take them to bed’,” Mr Aguilor said Chardon told him.

media_cameraNovy Chardon went missing six years ago. File picture

Chardon also allegedly made other requests of the women.

“Of course, at the time they should really provide him what he request,” Mr Aguilor said.

“If possible, (they) should be a virgin.”

But under cross-examination by Crown Prosecutor Mark Green, Chardon denied paying the money in exchange for sex.

However, the murder-accused conceded he did not object to the evidence when it was presented in court.

“I’m no saint, but I never, ever had a conditional thing with anyone I support, there were other people, yes, but not the main line students,” Chardon said.

The man later told the jury he was also propositioned by people who he had helped to build houses for or had provided medication and milk for their children.

“I used to get offered and I would knock a lot of it back because I’m not bloody Superman,” Chardon said.

The trial continues.

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