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After wearing a bikini, this actress hid her face, did you recognize her?

News Track 2019-09-02 05:20:00

Tina Dutta, who appeared on TV's very popular show Daayan, is still one of the known actresses of TV. Even though her show was a flop, people like her. Tina got recognition from her show Uttran and she is famous for this show. In such a situation, along with her performance, Tina keeps drawing people attention with her bold pictures which she has also done this time.

Yes, just a few hours ago, she has shared some of her new bold pictures on Instagram, which you can see. At the same time, these pictures are becoming increasingly viral on social media and everyone is liking them. Looking at these pictures, it seems as if Tina was resting on the side of the swimming pool and suddenly she remembered to click the pictures and she did it.

Tina has given many such poses by clicking photos and getting them done, that people have gone mad on seeing them. You can see now Tina's fans are constantly raining comments on her pictures.

At the same time, the way Tina has clicked the pictures, it can be said that she is a professional model. Tina is very bold and with her bold style, she has often managed to win the hearts of all. The last time she appeared in the show Dayan, but now she is only getting a photoshoot.