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If you want an attractive butt, these tips will help you!

News Track 2019-09-02 06:28:00

There are many such parts in the human body, which make a person look attractive and beautiful. Especially the beauty of women is enhanced by their organs. The shape of the butt of women likewise gives an attractive look to their body.

Every woman wants her hips to look chubby, curvy and attractive. The right hips are helpful in choosing the right clothes along with the beauty of the body. If you want something like this, then here are some tips.

This is a workout that directly affects the muscles of the hips and helps in increasing their size. If you want to get quick results, then you can also bring a little variety in this exercise. So you spread your legs and shoulders and then spread your hands straight in front.

After that, bend your knees keeping your upper body straight and stable. When your knee is at 90 degrees, stay in the same position and press your hips for 5 seconds. After that you take some rest, then you come in a straight posture without moving your torso. You have to repeat this process 3 to 5 times.

First of all, stand in the posture of Tadasana. Raise your right leg up and swing backward in such a way that your right leg is parallel to the ground. Bend your knee, stretch your right leg, but touch it with your right hand. Once you are balanced in this state, then stretch your left hand forward.

Looking at your left fingers remained in this posture for a few seconds. Now come back to normal and repeat from the other side also. This asana helps to reduce thighs, bring hips in shape, strengthen legs, etc.

Rough coffee works like a wonderful scrub that helps reduce the fat that is frozen around the hips and thighs. Take a spoonful of coarse coffee, add honey to make it thick like a paste. Before bathing, apply it on your hips and let it dry. Then rub it out with wet hands and wash it with water. Do this treatment 2-3 times a week.