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Spoof Video: Telugu Heroes As Grama Volunteers 2019-09-10 18:00:02

Fulfilling his poll promise of creating employment for youths, AP CM YS Jagan introduced the Village Volunteer posts thereby providing employment to thousands of youths in villages. However, the kind of work offered to village volunteers isn't going well with some sections of the society.

Now a spoof video is made using clips from various films while the main track is from Chiranjeevi's Rikshavodu movie. Explaining how educated youths are being offered menial jobs and made to give up their ambition to do odd stuff, the spoof video is a direct satire of YS Jagan's brainchild plan. Currently, this comedy video is going viral on the social media pages of Telugu folks.

However, those who supporting YSR Congress are said to have got hurt with this propaganda video and they are busily complaining to YouTube about this one. In case of YouTube finds this video hurting, then that will be a different story.

Neutral folks, however, feel that the video actually makes fun of the jobs offered and the job itself. They say those are the jobs someone else really wants.